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At Essential Health Ventures, our core focus is helping people optimize their oral health by providing them with the best all natural preservative and alcohol free products available. The company’s primary focus is enhancing the public’s accessibility to products that are manufactured with safe, all natural ingredients with zero side effects. All of our products are all natural, free of preservatives and alcohol. Beyond providing access to the best all natural products available, we want to spread awareness of how people suffering from life’s most common oral health problems can benefit from something affordable and manufactured from nature’s most powerful bounties. To that end, we’ve been able to create wide-reaching community outreach programs on Facebook, allowing people to connect and learn with other people. Our community is built around supporting each other!

The Dentist Behind the Brand

Dr. Shane Cope

---Meet Dr. Shane Cope – a stalwart in the world of oral health with an illustrious career spanning over 15 years. Specializing in oral medicine, orofacial pain, and periodontics, Dr. Cope's expertise is not just confined to the technical intricacies of dentistry but extends to a profound understanding of patient needs.

At the heart of his professional journey lies a dedicated focus on Dry Mouth and Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS). Recognizing the gaps in effective treatments, Dr. Cope founded Essential Sprays. This endeavor was not just a business venture but a mission – to offer all-natural, transformative solutions to everyday oral challenges.

Under Dr. Cope's guidance, Essential Health Ventures emerged from a vision to address the dearth of satisfactory treatments available for conditions like dry mouth. Today, it stands as a beacon for those seeking holistic and genuine oral health remedies. His approach, deeply rooted in compassion and expertise, has restored the smiles of countless individuals grappling with dry mouth and BMS.

Beyond the clinical setting, Dr. Cope is a passionate traveler and family man. He cherishes moments with his wife, Carlie, and their five children, exploring the world and immersing themselves in diverse cultures. Each adventure is a testament to Dr. Cope's belief in lifelong learning and growth.

Join us in exploring the world of Essential Health Ventures, where Dr. Shane Cope's vision and commitment are making waves in the realm of oral health.


Over 15 years of clinical practice..

For over a decade, Dr. Shane Cope has dedicated himself to the intricacies of dentistry and the complexities of oral medicine and facial pain. His zeal for optimal oral health is deeply personal, rooted in witnessing his mother's prolonged struggle with dry mouth and burning mouth syndrome before her passing. In his office, Dr. Cope identified a recurring trend: countless individuals grappling with the discomfort of dry mouth and burning mouth syndrome. Moved by this, he sought to extend his support beyond just his patients. Dr. Cope established a community aimed at bolstering support and elevating awareness around holistic oral health or all-natural products.

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